What We’re Not

In much of society, research means to investigate something you do not know or understand.
-Neil Armstrong

Ethical Open Source Intelligence

If you need any of the following types of information, we suggest you look elsewhere for it. Don’t even ask.

Here at e3i we have strict policies about the kinds of information we collect, collate and keep. We use ethical Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) methods which maintain the privacy and dignity of individuals and organisations while at the same time producing useful business, scientific and competitor insights for our clients.

  • Private individuals: we do not seek information onĀ  individuals, their private lives, semi-public lifestyles or families;
  • Economic espionage: we do not engage in the covert acquisition of proprietary information or products;
  • Political Opposition Research: we are a non-partisan private commercial organisation;
  • Deep Background: we will not do research for grey propaganda programmes or media attack operations on individuals, community groups or companies;
  • Disinformation: we will not carry out trolling, hacking or attack-blogging on behalf of clients;
  • Misinformation: we never deliberately slant our intelligence estimates to enhance or degrade the reputation of individuals, companies, products or community organisations; and,
  • Bad Data: we refuse to collect, collate and hold any information that may be used now, or in the future to physically harm individuals, the wider global environment or community institutions.