What We Do

The raw material of the future is imagination.

Information Designed for Action

In today’s fast changing and volatile world, the vital difference between success or failure, prosperity or poverty, fame and ignominy, more than ever depend upon having access to accurate, timely, and relevant knowledge.

The primary task of e3i is to access, filter, and analyse difficult to reach, or hard to find open source information held in esoteric libraries;  grey literature, or in data sets deep inside the overlooked zones of the internet. We also listen to, and interview learned individuals and narrowly focused experts; and we look for hard-won wisdom in the accumulated skills, experience and knowledge of our peers and elders.

We distill this information into condensed briefs so our clients can plan ahead and confidently move forward. We spot emerging scientific and commercial opportunities; we watch emerging trends, and we map the hidden pitfalls in the rocky road ahead.

We look for fresh markets; unique technologies; new cost savings and better ways of doing things. We actively peer over the time horizon at what might occur in the near to medium term; and we generate the cultural, environmental, technical and business intelligence needed by communities and organisations to ethically grow and prosper.

We provide a wide range of confidential briefing materials for busy decision makers in every sphere of endeavour. We monitor, chart and analyse open source information for all levels of government and public enterprise. We provide market and competitor intelligence for businesses of every size; and we provide detailed research, content generation and fact-checking services for most forms of television, radio and emergent media.